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Q: Do you only park commercial vehicles?

A: No, we park anything and everything. As long as you are looking to book a bulk number of spaces or a set amount of space then we can look at how we can help.


Q: How do I know my vehicles are safe when parking with you?

A: We offer a fully managed service meaning we have on-site co-ordinators whose job is to ensure that only the correct vehicles are parked in your allocated space and that they are secure throughout the time they spend parked with us. We also avoid advertising the exact address of a location on our website so as to ensure that people of the public don’t know where our locations, and therefore your vehicles, are.


Q: I have a parking enquiry but there isn’t a section for it on your website, can you do it?

A: Most likely, yes. We are very flexible with the types of parking that we are prepared to accommodate, as long as we have a property partner that fits your brief and they are happy to facilitate, then we can work together.


Q: Why should I come through you rather than looking myself?

A: Because we have an extensive portfolio of property partners to choose from and we know about locations that many others don’t, particularly in London. We also offer a fully managed service.


Q: What do you actually do?

A: We are a B2B parking provider, meaning we do not approach parking in the traditional sense. We look to use your space to provide a set number of spaces to a client for a set period of time, making more efficient use out of it. We also look at using one space in a multitude of different ways for a number of different clients, setting us apart from traditional parking operators.


Q: How much income can we expect?

A: Of course, this is the most common question, the answer is complex. It depends on the scale and availability of the location, size, potential uses of the space available as well as the type and also on the budget of the specific project too. Our aim is to get the most lucrative and sustainable fees for our property partners – it’s in our interest too.


Q: How long will a client be using the space for at a time.

A: We look to work with any project ranging from 1 day- 1 year. Typically, if it is a filming project, it will take anywhere from 1 day to 1 week. Logistics projects will generally stay longer, possibly up to a full year. It all depends on the nature of the project at hand.


Q: Can you work with sites that have a short and ever-changing availability window?

A: Yes, we recognise that certain sites will have gaps in their calendar where we may be able to get some clients in and other times where it is not viable to do so. Provided we are kept up to date with availabilities, we will be able to proactively market your property for use in those gaps.

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